"I Don't Want To Completely Sell Out...However I Would Like To De-risk And Take Some Money Off the Table"

An equity release involves shareholders selling some of their business to a third party, often a venture capitalist, private equity house or business angel. This can be part of an exit plan, to raise finance for the company or simply to release some cash.

Keystone acts as lead adviser on equity releases and our role typically includes:

  • understanding the reason for the equity release
  • investigating and advising on the different funding options and types of investor
  • preparing and presenting a set of forecasts and a business plan
  • helping clients assess the commercial, accounting and cash flow implications of particular financing structures
  • introducing the opportunity to investors
  • leading negotiations with investors
  • introducing other professional advisers needed to complete the project
  • assisting teams interpret the results of due diligence work
  • preparing a detailed timetable of events
  • arranging meetings, conference calls and generally oversee the total project management through to completion

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