Transport & Logistics

Transport & Logistics

New technologies and improved business procedures have had a greater impact on the transformation of the transportation and logistics industries.

Product monitoring has been considerably more convenient in recent years, resulting in improved openness between numerous firms and their customers. As a result of new types of technology, the logistics and transportation industries are both at their pinnacles of success.

Market View

  • Investor engagement in T&L is expected to stay high as a result of pandemic-related disruption and increased government attention on infrastructure spending.
  • As investors attempted to respond to changes in the global supply chain and increase skills, efficiency, and scale, the logistics subsector continued to experience the most transaction activity.
  • We expect investors to aim to future-proof their platforms as the economy recovers from the COVID-19 epidemic, in order to address recent difficulties such as global supply chain constraints and growing demand for last-mile delivery. We anticipate that investors will continue to look for consolidation possibilities in the fragmented T&L sector in order to capitalise on possible synergies and scale efficiencies.
  • We expect investors to look across the value chain to seek possibilities to better serve their clients and end-consumers as the future supply chain takes shape. As a buffer against disruption, corporations may aim to expand and diversify their supply chains, which may result in M&A activity across several subsectors.
  • We expect M&A activity in the logistics sector to increase as companies adapt to shifting consumer purchasing habits, which will necessitate the use of e-commerce marketplaces and short delivery windows.

Market Outlook

High Investor activity

Logistics M&A to grow

Innovation and transformation in technology to enhance the service offering and delivery efficiencies.

Drive to scale via consolidations